Custom Designed Workstations

The key to a effective workstation is a system that integrates perfectly into the workspace, is designed with the operator in mind, is upgrade-able and improves production efficiency without compromising on Quality. NGS Products UK are specialists in designing and manufacturing workstations that meet these important criteria. Our specialist work directly with our clients to understand the requirements and build bespoke systems that work for the client.

Our custom designed workstations are configured for the function, the user and the equipment used on the bench. Ergonomic features like reach and height can be designed into the workstation for a particular user or for a group of users. Automated continual height adjustment with programmable stops can be included if this is required to allow sit or stand operation of the equipment. Equipment can be integrated into the workstation and shadow boards can be provided as part of the workstation if required. A typical workbench with a range of possible features is shown in the animated image on the right.

Workstations developed by NGS Products can be manufactured from a range of materials, chosen to suit the particular environment in which the workstation is used and the clients requirements. These materials can be chosen for aesthetic and/or practical reasons. Specialist materials also can be supplied like anti-static surfaces for electronic component assembly.

A complete range of power and data connection points can be integrated into the desk or workstation. The workstations are fully wired and cable management solutions are built into the workstation in order to manage all the cables and cable connections. Our workbenches usually are provided with a single master power connector that services all the power points built into the workstation. This cable management approach improves the safety and ergonomic properties of the product and makes the workstation easier to move. CE certification can be provided if required by the client.

NGS workbench solutions are turn-key. Our in-house team will install, commission and demonstrate the equipment when it is delivered. We also provide support after delivery and can provide service of the workbench if this is required.

A range of features available on a typical workstation.

Work stations sometimes need to be integrated seamlessly into existing workflow systems like conveyor belts or kitting racks. NGS Products have a wealth of experience of working with companies from large multinational organisations to small manufacturing businesses across all industries. We have developed and installed solutions into a wide range of shop-floor systems like material flow management, products assembly and packaging systems and bring this knowledge to every new design. We also design and manufacture product trolleys that work with the workstation for movement of product on the shop floor.

Some examples of our work are show-cased in the images below:

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