Production floor Fit-Out

In addition to our office desks, trolleys and workstations, NGS Products can design and manufacture a full range of state-of-the-art office, shop-floor, laboratory or controlled environment furniture and fittings. The furniture can be designed according to the clients requirements for aesthetics, efficiency and ergonomics. Our experienced production engineers can work with you to design and visualise the working environment before manufacture.

Our installation team consists of electricians, carpenters, plumbers, plasterers and installation technicians. In addition to their skills in their areas of expertise, all members of the team are trained in manual handling, safe pass and work at heights.

  • Stainless steel tables
  • Work benches
  • Office Partitions
  • Racks and Shelves
  • Rails and Barriers
  • Secure storage
  • Custom manufactured fittings

Stainless Steel Tables and Laboratory Benches

Primarily for the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries, NGS can provide tailor-made tables and laboratory benches made from medical grade stainless-steel. These tables and benches can have the added functionality of being height adjustable and can include drawers, lockable storage etc. NGS tables and benches can be designed to integrate into an existing work area or NGS can design and fit-out an entire working laboratory or factory floor.

NGS design, manufacture and supply tables and laboratory benches manufactured using a range of other materials (like metals, wood, plastic, vinyl etc.). These tables and benches can be designed as complete laboratory fit-outs or can be integrated into existing laboratories.

Racking and Secure Storage

Our range of heavy duty shelving and secure storage is designed according to our clients particular needs. This shelving can be integrated into the working environment and can be designed for ease of use. NGS have designed and manufactured shelving for production line operations where ease of access between conveyor systems, operator workstations and component storage is essential. We also have provided secure storage for valuable, dangerous or fragile components is a requirement.

Shelves and storage can be produced from a wide range of materials depending on the production requirements. These shelves and storage cabinets also can be galvanized, plated or powder painted according to the clients’ requirements.

Partitions and Barriers

Partitions and barriers can be used for privacy, safety or workflow in the office, laboratory or production-floor environment. Partitions can be integrated onto workstations and benches or can be used to isolate areas of the shop floor for security or heath and safety reasons. Partitions also can be lockable for secured storage of equipment, finished products and components.

Barriers and bollards are used to prevent accidents or damage to expensive equipment. Barriers also can be built in high risk areas to prevent injury to personnel e.g. slipping or falling. Barriers for stair cases also can be provided by NGS.

NGS partitions, barriers and bollards are designed and manufactured to the clients requirements and we can provide a full range of materials and surface finishes to meet the requirements of the working environment. These surface finishes include powder and wet painting, galvanizing and plating.

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