NGS Sit-Stand Desks

NGS Products offer a wide range of ergonomic height adjustable office desks which are suitable for any office environment. We offer stand-alone, integrated and multi-user desks.

Whether your requirement is for a stand-alone desk in an executive suite, an integrated desk in a laboratory environment or an open-plan work area where interaction and privacy are equally important, NGS Products UK can design and manufacture a solution to meet your requirements. Whether you prefer a modern or more old-world appearance for the office, our desks can be manufactured in a range of styles and materials to match the aesthetics of any office environment.

Plug points, network connections, charging points, monitors and the computer all are part of the working ‘bubble’ in a modern office environment. This often means an unnecessary clutter of cables which can lead to safety hazards and damage to expensive equipment. Our office desks are designed to be self-contained with a single master power cable that drives other plug-points on the desk, charging points and the height adjustment controller for the desk. This reduces the amount of cabling to an absolute minimum. It also ensures that any office desk can be relocated with the minimum amount of disruption to the office or the person working at the desk.

The modern working environment has led to employees spending a large proportion of their working day sitting at their desk. This sedentary lifestyle can lead to health problems and a less dynamic team. It has been shown that standing at a desk leads to a better and more friendly working environment. Studies also show that productivity can be improved and additional calories are burned by standing while working.

One of the main feature of NGS office desks are that they are fully height adjustable to meet the users’ exact requirements for ergonomic working whether standing, seated or kneeling. Height stops can be programmed to allow the employee to move from a seated position to standing at the press of a button. Our desks help to provide a better working environment, healthy employees and improved productivity. Give us a call to find out more about ergonomic NGS office desks

NGS standing desks lead to a better working environment

The wide range of features that can be built into our office desks can include any or all of the following:

  • Custom designed Worktops in a range of veneers and finishes
  • Sleek modern designs to match the office environment
  • Height adjustment with programmable positions
  • Privacy screens in a range of materials or fabrics to match the clients requirements
  • Modesty panels
  • Cable management solutions for neatness and safety
  • Wide range of monitor arms – height adjustable and swivel mounted with pneumatic or mechanic adjustment
  • Full range of power (UK, EU and US) and data (RJ11 to RJ48) fittings
  • Optional generic phone charger units
  • Lockable coaster wheels for easy re-positioning of the office desk
NGS Products UK

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