Customised Product Trolleys

Product trolleys, also referred to as product carts or transport trolleys are designed for frequent movement of heavy or valuable products in an office, commercial or production environment. Trolleys are used in a wide range of industries including the electronics, medical, pharmaceutical and retail sectors.

These product trolleys typically are used to prevent injuries to personal in the case of heavy or difficult to handle equipment; to prevent damage damage to expensive or fragile equipment; or to prevent damage to the production floor.

Product trolleys from NGS Products UK are designed and manufactured to be durable and stable, yet easy to move. Our trolleys can be manufactured from a range of materials, chosen to suit the particular environment in which the workstation is used and according to the clients particular requirements. These materials can be chosen for aesthetic and/or practical reasons. Materials and finishes include medical grade stainless steel, powder coating, galvanizing or painting. The casters / wheels can be chosen according to the application and can be selected for reduced static electricity, for ease of movement or to prevent marking of the floor. Locking mechanisms can be included to hold the trolley in place once it has been moved to the required location.

NGS trolleys are designed with the equipment or products that are intended to be transported in or on the trolley in mind. Our trolleys also can be designed to fit or attach to other equipment in the production environment or to interface with a workstation. For example NGS Products have developed a set of trolleys used for testing assembled electronic components. These trolleys are designed to be plug-and-play, allowing the operator to locate the electronic component on the trolley, move it across the production floor to the test area and then connect the component in-situ for testing.

Other enhancements like swivel tops or roll-out shelves also can be included in the design. Please contact us for more information and our design engineers will be pleased to assist you.

  • Electrical or network wiring
  • Anti-static wheels to prevent damage to electrical equipment
  • Pneumatic lifts for heavy products or equipment
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