‘Pipe and Joint’ or ‘Tube and Bracket’ systems can be used to assemble a wide range of material handling configurations in the workplace. This system of pipes and joints provides the flexibility to design and assemble the workplace layout in a manner that meets the requirements of a permanent production environment but can be reconfigured and extended according to the production needs. The pipe and Joint system therefore is a very efficient yet effective way to assemble a production workplace.

Pipe and Joint systems often are used for process improvement initiatives like lean-manufacturing, Poke-Yoke and 5S practices. The flexibility of the design and the re-usability allows the team to optimise the work environment to improve efficiency.

These Pipe and Joint systems can be seamlessly integrated into existing layouts and can be combined with other equipment to improve material flow across the production floor.

The main characteristics of a Pipe and Joint system can be summarised as follows:

  • Flexible: Can accommodate almost any design and layout
  • Integrated: Integrates with other systems (like conveyors and workstations)
  • Cost effective: Components are reusable
  • Extendable: The layout can be extended to meet any changes in the production environment
  • Durable: The final assembly is very sturdy and the pipes and joints are very strong

Workstation with flow racks for picking and assembly. Designs are a flexible and robust alternative to fixed workstation designs.

The flexibilitiy of the pipe and joint system allows a wide range of workstation configurations to be assembled

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