NGS Products UK are leaders in the design and manufacture of ergonomic office furniture and industrial furniture that is designed to meet the requirements of the client and the users. Our Industrial furniture is tailor made with the operator, the application and the layout of the working area in mind. All our industrial furniture is manufactured with ergonomics at the forefront of our designs and therefore, our furniture helps to create a healthy, attractive and efficient working environment for staff.

We are able to provide the full range of industrial furniture and office or shop floor solutions, these include:

Bespoke Designs

Our approach is for NGS experts to work directly with our clients to design the industrial or office furniture. Our objective not only meets the clients requirements for aesthetics of the office or shop-floor, but also to design the furniture with the user and the task in mind. Our ergonomic furniture is designed to reduce repetitive strain injury, ensure that the user has the flexibility to configure the equipment to his or her particular needs and provide easy access to equipment on the office desk or workstation.

All our industrial and office furniture is designed, configured and wired according to the clients specifications and is built with attention to detail and high standards in product build quality.

We have experience in building industrial furniture for a wide range of industries and have worked with well known multinational companies like Apple, Dell, Baxter, General Electric and more. No job is too large or too small for us.

NGS Products UK

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